The creative possibilities offered by Light Painting fascinate me. With darkness, a camera and a light source, we can create magic, re-enchant forgotten places, reinterpret a reality made of rust and dust in a bright and lively scene. The only limit is our own imagination

I’m a member of the non-profit organizations : Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) and Ligue Francophone de Light Painting (L.F.L.P.).

Interviews about me and my work are available :
Light Art Digital Magazine #3 (available in English or in Spanish)
– Interview by Mario Rubio in Fotografo Nocturno December 2016 (in Spanish)
– Interview by JanLeonardo in FotoForum Sept/October 2016 (in German)
Riders of Light web site (in Spanish, but the "translate to english" button is your friend).
Swiss photo blog (in German)
COOPH (in English)
NOW, lifestyle magazine (in French)
Pierre Lognoul’s youtube channel (video, in French with EN subtitles)

– October 2017 : Orange Coast College Photography Gallery, 2701 Fairview Rd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
– June 2017: L.F.L.P. – Le Lavoir avant travaux in Gentilly (France)
– June 2017: Light Painting by Palateth in Chênée (Belgium)
– May 2017: L.F.L.P. – Lumières en folie in Paris (France)
– March/April 2017: L.F.L.P. – Peindre avec la lumière in Carvin (France)
– February 2017: L.F.L.P. – Petit panorama de peinture de lumière in Annoeullin (France)
– January 2017: L.F.L.P. – Le Lavoir avant travaux in Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (France)
– December 2016: L.F.L.P. – Exposition Lumières (2016) in Éragny-sur-Oise (France)
– September 2016: Photokina LightArt Congress 2016, in Köln (Germany)
– September 2016: L.F.L.P. – Exposition "La Ferme lumineuse", in Villeneuve d’Asq (France)
– July 2016 : 2nd international Light Art Congress and 5th LPWA Exhibition, in Oviedo (Spain)
– June 2016: L.F.L.P. – Exposition "Le Lavoir version Light Painting", in Fresnes (France).
– November/December 2015 : L.F.L.P. – Exposition Lumières (2015), in Viroflay (France).
– March/May 2015 : L.F.L.P. – Lumières dans l’espace, in Enghien-Les-Bains (France).
– July 2015 : LPWA Astana Special Event 2015, in Astana (Kazakhstan)
– January 2015 : 4th LPWA Exhibition at UNESCO headquarters for the opening of the International Year of Light 2015, in Paris (France)
– November 2014 : LPWA Special Event, in Aubervilliers (France)
– July 2014 : 1st international Light Art Congress and 3rd LPWA Exhibition, in Oviedo (Spain)

– September 2016: Photokina Light Art Congress (Köln, Germany)
– July 2016: II International Light Art Congress of Oviedo (Oviedo, Spain)